Xbox 360 RGH XLink Kai Setup

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Playing Xbox 360 games over XLink Kai can be an exercise in frustration for unmodified 'stock' consoles due to limitations on Xbox 360 game system-link implemented by Microsoft, namely the 30ms ping limit between client and game host. To bypass this limitation a modified Xbox 360 console often known as a 'RGH' or 'JTAG' console is required. Before getting started please be aware of the following:

What this guide covers:
  • Configuration of DashLaunch and Aurora (if applicable) to disable the 30ms ping limit on Xbox 360 games on modified Xbox 360 JTAG/RGH consoles.
What this guide does not cover:
  • How to connect your Xbox 360 for use with XLink Kai. Please see the Xbox 360 set up guide.
  • How to install XLink Kai itself. Please see the Installation Guides.
  • Console modification to perform JTAG or RGH on Xbox 360 consoles.
  • Where to download DashLaunch or Aurora.
  • Installation of DashLaunch or Aurora.

To proceed with this guide you must already have DashLaunch installed and know how to launch it's configuration tool. Aurora is optional.
Misconfiguration of DashLaunch may lead to damage to your Xbox 360 console. Team XLink, and the developers of XLink Kai are not responsible for any damages caused by your mistakes, misunderstanding, or by any other means. Proceed at your own risk.

Configuring DashLaunch

  1. Launch DashLaunch
    XB360 RGH 1 dashlaunch.png
  2. Press right bumper (RB) ButtonIcon-Xbox360-RB.png to access the Save \ Load launch.ini screen.
    XB360 RGH 2 dashlaunch.png
  3. If your console has an existing dashlaunch configuration file scroll down to the row with the green checkmark and press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png to load the configuration file.
  4. Press left bumper (LB) ButtonIcon-Xbox360-LB.png to return to the Current Options screen.
  5. Scroll down to the Network section and press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png to expand the dropdown menu.
    XB360 RGH 3 dashlaunch.png
  6. Scroll down to pingpatch and press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png to change its status to enabled.
    For a nicer Xbox 360 NXE dash experience it is also recommended to enable 'signnotice', 'liveblock', 'livestrong', and 'nonetstore' but this is not required.
  7. Press right bumper (RB) ButtonIcon-Xbox360-RB.png to access the Save \ Load launch.ini screen.
  8. Scroll down to the previously used storage type and press X ButtonIcon-Xbox360-X.png to save the DashLaunch configuration. If your console did not have a previous configuration choose a location to save it.
    XB360 RGH 2 dashlaunch.png
  9. Press B ButtonIcon-Xbox360-B.png to quit DashLaunch
  10. Power off your Xbox 360 console and then power on again to ensure DashLaunch has updated in the background.

If you do not use the Aurora dashboard you're good to go! If you do, continue below.

Configuring Aurora

If you use the Aurora dashboard LiNK must be disabled within the Nova module as it will interfere with Xbox 360 and original Xbox system-link traffic. To disable LiNK:

  1. Launch Aurora then press Start ButtonIcon-Xbox360-Start.png to open Settings
    XB360 RGH 4 aurora.png
  2. Scroll down to Modules then press right ButtonIcon-Xbox360-Dpad Right.png
  3. Scroll down to Nova then press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png
    XB360 RGH 5 aurora.png
  4. Press right bumper (RB) ButtonIcon-Xbox360-RB.png to switch to page two, then press right ButtonIcon-Xbox360-Dpad Right.png
  5. Highlight Enabled under LiNK and press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png to unckeck the box
    XB360 RGH 6 aurora.png
  6. Press B ButtonIcon-Xbox360-B.png to close the Nova configuration menu, then press B ButtonIcon-Xbox360-B.png again to close Settings entirely.

LiNK is now disabled and system link will function normally.