Red Dead Redemption

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Note: Game specific pages are a work in progress, will be lacking in detail and may contain errors. Found something wrong? Join the discord and let us know
Unmodified "stock" Xbox 360 consoles have a 30 millisecond ping limit when playing Xbox 360 games. Your ping to other players must be lower than 30ms! You will not be able to join games if your ping to the host is too high.
XB360 RDR title.png

Max players: ?

Max consoles: ?

Title update: Must match

DLC: ?

Accessing LAN Multiplayer

  1. Press start ButtonIcon-Xbox360-Start.png
    XB360 RDUDN 1 press start.png
  2. Press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png to start Single player (yes really)
    XB360 RDR 2 select single player.png
  3. After loading into single player press start ButtonIcon-Xbox360-Start.png then scroll down to Multiplayer then press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png
    XB360 RDR 3 pause select multiplayer.png
  4. Scroll down to System Link then press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png
    XB360 RDR 4 select system link.png
  5. Press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png
    XB360 RDR 5 multiplayer alert.png
  6. Select a difficulty level and press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png
    XB360 RDUDN 6 choose difficulty.png
  7. Press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png
    XB360 RDUDN 7 multiplayer warning.png
  8. Press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png
    XB360 RDUDN 8 multiplayer warning.png
  9. Press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png
    XB360 RDUDN 9 multiplayer warning.png
  10. Welcome to Free Roam mode in LAN Mutliplayer!
    XB360 RDUDN 10 wait for players.png
  11. To change to a different game mode press back ButtonIcon-Xbox360-Back.png then select a different game mode.
    XB360 RDUDN 11 press back.png
  12. Have fun!