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Kai Spammer
Kai Spammer

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If this already exists, please remove...

Objective: Recreate the movie Predator
Map: Small maps (Backwash, Lockout, Ivory Tower)
Gametype: Ninjanaught

--Tower of Power--
Objective: Control the Tower
Map: Ascension
Gametype: Teamslayer
Shields: Off (or On, your choice)
Weapons on Map: Just the turret on the tower
Player weapons: Shotguns only

Objective: Capture the flag, while staying off the ground. Navigate through Coag without being eaten by the tremors.
Map: Coagulation
Gametype: 1 Flag CTF
Vehicles on Map: Ghost
Weapons: None
Special Rules: Players cannot use their weapons, ghost cannot fire their weapons, 2 people on the defenders team, both in ghost.

Objective: Survive
Map: Any (best on Foundation)
Gametype: Team Slayer
Weapons on map: Default, no respawn
Player weapons: Sword, Shotgun
Special Rules: Humans are red team. Zombies are green (start with 1 green). If Green team kills you, you have to change to green team. Zombies (green) use only swords, humans (red) use only shotguns.

--Cat N Mouse--
Objective: Warthogs are mice. Wraiths are Cats. No firing of ANY weapons until last 30 seconds.
Map: Coagulation
Time limit: 5 minutes
Gametype: Team Slayer
Vehicles: Warthogs and Wraiths
No Respawning
Special Rules: 2 people on blue team, take the wraiths. Everyone else on red team gets warthogs. The hogs try to run from the wraiths, the wraiths try to ram the hogs. Last 30 seconds of game (after 4:30 exhausted), wraiths can fire at hogs.

--Fight Club--
Objective: 2 men enter, only 1 lives. Boxing match.
Map: Relic
Gametype: FFA Slayer
Vehicles: Warthogs
Weapons: Plasma Pistols
Over shields on
Special Rules: Use a warthog to plug the holes in the pit on Relic, so once you jump down there is no way out. Then you you 1v1 fight to the death in the pit, one fight at a time, no killing unless you are in the pit.

--Cowboys and Indians--
Objective: Indians capture 3 flags on foot
Map: Coagulation (preferably)
Gametype: 1 Flag CTF, 2 rounds
Vehicles: Warthogs only
Weapons: None
Special Rules: ONE LIFE (NO RESPAWN) Red team (Indians) and blue team (cowboys). Cowboys only use warthogs, Indians can only walk/run. Indians must capture flag 3 times to win without being run over by the cowboys. Indians can attack cowboys, only by melee.

Objective: Team melee fest!
Map: Coagulation (possibly Containment as well)
Gametype: Teamslayer
Vehicles: None
Weapons: Brute shot
Special Rules: Teams must shoot all shots (immediately after timer) across the map at the opposing team to kill them early. After shots are all fired, teams must run to middle of map for all melee warfare.

--Michael Jackson--
Objective: Last man standing
Map: Any
Gametype: King of the Hill
Weapons: Sword only
Score to win round: Unlimited
Special Rules: Red team is 1 player, Michael Jackson. Blue team is the "boys". The hill is the only safe place. Hill moves every 30s.

Objective: Last Team Standing
Map: Foundation (preferably)
Gametype: 2 Flag CTF
Weapons: Brute shot only, no grenades
Special Rules: Teams are to shoot brute shot "dodgeballs" at opposing teams from their own side of the map. 3 lives. Last team standing wins.

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