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Kai Beginner
Kai Beginner

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Almost everywhere i look people all say that Hunting Horn got an amazing buff, but i don't see eye to eye with these people. I personally believe they completly ripped the hunting horn a new one! In Freedom Unite you could chain your notes to quickly buff example being: in the color scheme Purple, Light blue, Red - two Purple's followed by two Reds would give you the movement buff as well as the +15% attack buff. Where as in Portable 3rd you have to do all of your buffs via attacking and can only do one buff at a time, granted you can hit the R button a second time and "auto-play" the notes you had out a second time it just doesn't seem efficent to me when i could chain 2-3 buffs in a row. Another thing i was very dissapointed in was the fact that all of the attack styles are totally different and every attack brings a different move, there is no longer the circle button for three quick jabs and the circle+triangle slam if hit more than once swings your hammer back like a greatsword. Also, the timing between swings has been increased. : /. Being able to play on the go is nice although when playing during a fight it can be kind of bothersom to play the required notes when it doesn't suit to the situation/attack style of the player.
As a long time Hunting Horn user (over 1k+ missions with Hunting Horn used on MHFU) i have to say i'm appauled by the way they nerfed HH so hard in Portable 3rd and wish to see it reverted back to the old style of buffing and fighting as it was in Freedom Unite.
Normally i don't post anything at all anywhere but i figured my weapon of choice was a big enough reason to post and get out some frustration :p

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