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Bungie, the developer prepares to say his farewell to the Halo series, and does so with a delivery that tries to return to the origins of the franchise, is trying by all means give his faithful followers the result of ten years of close collaboration. Discover with us and Brian Jarrard (Campaign Director) the origin of Halo. Last stop: Reach.

Huge, epic, final. Halo: Reach. We tested his campaign. Bungie interviewed.
Bungie, the developer prepares to say his farewell to the Halo series, and does so with a delivery that tries to return to the origins of the franchise, is trying by all means give his faithful followers the result of ten years of close collaboration. Discover with us and Brian Jarrard (Campaign Director) the origin of Halo. Last stop: Reach.

Surely, many users never wanted, but definitely leaves Bungie Halo series. Gone are four works that have already made history in the world of video games, and that will be attached to the probably best example of all, Halo: Reach, when it appears in stores worldwide on 14th September.

That was the date chosen by Microsoft to give us a product that began to take shape just after the release of Halo 3. In total, three years of development where it was again important to collect suggestions from fans, but also rely on the development experience cultivated over the last decade, a period of time and Bungie may be known as the "decade Halo" ( 2001-2010) with deserved pride.

Once again exclusive to Xbox 360, the last game of the Americans is a return to the roots of the franchise, but also more ambitious delivery ever created by the company. Arguably located just before the events narrated in Halo: Combat Evolved (first game of the series), the new Halo: Reach offers us be partakers of how a brave group of warriors, "the Noble Team-fought tirelessly to save one of the last colonies of mankind. And we will in the role of the most representative, Noble 6, a lone wolf with the help of other elite super soldiers (known as the Spartans) shall prevent the Covenant species frustrates the last aspirations of human survival. No doubt, a very personal final battle, full of intimacy and emotion where the most important is teamwork.
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"Individualities? Leave it That Master Chief
In Halo: Reach are not going to take the role of Master Chief, so the heroic and powerful character that gave him the player in previous games is relegated to something much more intimate and real. As in Halo 3: ODST, the main campaign is much more humane and our character, more fragile. Thus, although there will be some time in individualistic aspiration, as normal, in the words of the developers, "is that in Halo: Reach Spartans go accompanied by other features that complement our combat, either through Carter-259 (a soldier reckless), Kat-230 (equipped with a bionic arm), Jorge-052 (heavy weapons specialist), Emile-239 (a specialist in close combat) and Jun-266 (sniper). "

Essentially, Halo: Reach is a fellowship of primarily delivery, although it is important to note that in any case we can give team orders or anything like that. Everything is governed by the artificial intelligence program, but it is always possible to enjoy cooperative games in up to four players, to communications "in-game via voice service offered by Xbox LIVE.

But no team is fighting the only distinguishing feature of Halo: Reach. Is also important to note that returning old weapons (such as gun Combat Evolved), maintaining the capacity of self-regeneration of shields (although more slowly than in Halo 3) or makes a new appearance of murder, which we lets see unreleased performances melee from a third person perspective.


A replay Halo more than ever
However, the great addition of Halo: Reach new skills lies in the reinforcement present, not only useful for multiplayer mode, but also for the campaign itself. Thus, we will enjoy the opportunity to camouflage, to use a "jet pack" or repel any attack during a very limited amount of time, which is that any skill can be used indefinitely: we wait for a fill indicator automatically.

Armor skills are undoubtedly a great addition to the campaign of last title in Bungie. Thanks to them, the game promises a more satisfying feeling that is enhanced, moreover, thanks to more open fighting and improved artificial intelligence of enemies. Moreover, the term "script" is again unknown in this new release, which can again expect a huge power of replayability. As with the multiplayer, it will be difficult to play twice the same mission of the campaign without getting completely different gaming experiences.

And although we are not going to talk about the multiplayer (as we did in another article that we recommend you consult), yes we would like to quote a characteristic closely related to it: Forge. To the delight of the community, the esteemed editor of Halo 3 levels back, but with significant improvements in user friendliness and accessibility. First, the editing tools are now more powerful and accurate. Finally we can precisely place any object where we want, rotating the exact degrees and even choosing between three fixing options (normal, fixed, and phased) so that the pieces fit, are embedded in the scene or even crawl inside other parts.

Reach, the last stop of Bungie
The last great innovation to name Halo: Reach is now in its redesigned game engine. At first glance, what is striking is the renewed GUI (now a powerful bluish), but by looking carefully it is easy to see that Bungie was not satisfied with the initial idea of moving the Halo 3 graphics advances to this release. Not at all. As Scott Shepard (3D artist) said long ago, chose to rebuild everything from scratch, increasing the quality, even if that meant a greater investment of time.

And the results are obvious. Now the engine is able to support 40 characters and 20 vehicles simultaneously on screen, double that of Halo 3, and all this bearing in mind that the resolution of the textures and the number of polygons in models have increased. Until assault rifle into Halo: Reach more polygons a Marine's latest video game starring Master Chief.

With large and detailed environments, the title makes an additional wager by the graphic effects, which are complemented by a new system for atmospheric effects, dynamic lighting (ideal for creating shadows and moving lights), apart from the rain and a fog effect now much more realistic. If this were not enough, the effects caused by guns are also more visceral, giving the work a more serious nature that is emphasized by the collaboration of composer Martin O'Donnell, head of a darker musical section, adapted perfectly to the intentions of a Halo: Reach very human that will drop very soon in Spain. Until then, you can further deepen the last stop of Bungie through the conversation I had with Brian Jarrard (campaign manager).

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it hurts not having the xbox 360 I would like to play on xlink kai halo Reach

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