About Us

XLink Kai: Evolution VII is a global gaming network, bringing together XBox users, PlayStation2, Gamecube, DS and PSP users to the one community. Whereas other tunnelling applications stick to their roots, at XLink, we like to think of ourselves as pioneers, breaking new boundaries and trying new things.

Created on March 13, 2003, XLink was a pet project between TheDaddy and TeXLink. It came about after the current alternatives were full of advertisements or 12 year olds spamming in chat rooms. Did we even mention the lag? The first build of XLink only contained a simple messenger style mode and was originally just for TheDaddy and TeXLink to play their XBoxes online with. After showing a couple of friends, a few more people showed interest and began using it. At the time, it was 90% ideas, 10% software...

A couple of dodgy builds laters, development on Release Candidate 2 began. Codenamed 'Omega', XLink RC2 was the first surge of interest XLink received. Boasting 2 new modes (WGN and Rooms), a new flurry of signups, and a new website, XLink became bigger than TheDaddy ever imagined. Not only did XLink receive an upgrade, but Bo-XLink RC2, the XBox counterpart to XLink was created. This was the first of its kind, and allowed users to control XLink from their XBox and simulated XBox Live to a degree.

While many users were happy with the current state of XLink RC2 Omega, many others were not. Problems with Microsoft issuing new MAC addresses to the network interface cards on the newer XBoxes and various wireless and WinPCap issues made support a nightmare. While we did what we could, it wasn't enough.

Then came the news about the GameCube using a BroadBand Adapter to play LAN-enabled games. After one of our users brought this to our attention, TheDaddy almost immediately announced support for GameCubes would be upcoming in the next release. Unaware that another team was working on a similar project, Team XLink didn't let that get in the way of giving what our users wanted. And so began the road to XLink Kai...

Ditching Visual Basic for C++, development on XLink Kai began late 2003. BETA testing followed of early builds. After 6 builds of XLink Kai, development was increased. All features were being written and the new website was under development. And that's when news that the PlayStation 2 supported system-link play through their own BroadBand Adapter...

XLink Kai: Evolution VII is now final. While there may be minor future updates to the client, we believe it's time to stop coding and start playing. That, in the end, is what it's all about. We hope you enjoy using what started out as personal project, and build on the already great and friendly community XLink has.

It's at this point in time that Team XLink would like to thank everyone greatly for supporting our efforts, especially homebrew development teams that have worked with us in the past and future.

Team XLink.